Our tower offers lots of possibilities


Fitted sheets / sheets and sleeping bags must be brought with you (youth hostel sleeping bags are not sufficient). At this point we would like to expressly point out that we do not have any duvets or pillows in the rooms. The only exception: a three-part bed linen set and duvet with pillows can be provided for a fee. The Scout Center Nibelungenturm is a self-catering house: you must therefore bring your own washing-up liquid, towels, toilet paper and baking paper. Cleaning and other cleaning utensils for final cleaning are available in the house, as well as dishwashing detergent for the dishwasher. All you have to do is bring your own cleaning rags or buy them cheaply at the tower.


Our kitchens are fully equipped. The large kitchen has enough place settings for 60 people. The small kitchen is only designed for groups of around 20 people. It is possible to rent a soda stream. The kitchen on the 3rd floor is a normal fitted kitchen with a 4-ring electric stove, oven, refrigerator without freezer compartment and dishwasher. In the catering kitchen on the second floor, it is no problem to cater to large groups. There is a 6 - burner gas stove, large gas oven, refrigerator without freezer, gastro dishwasher and large stainless steel work surfaces. Dish towels, washing-up liquid and toilet paper must be brought with you.


The Nibelung Tower is ideally equipped for training. Projectors (for a fee), pin boards are available and the walls in 3rd floor can be used as a pin board. A flipchart, media case, overhead projector, slide projector and screen are also available. Television can be used for training and entertainment purposes. That the musical part is not neglected, we have placed a piano on the fifth floor. This is all available to you free of charge. The cost price must only be reimbursed for consumables such as metaplan cards, flipchart paper, etc. If you / should you want to make use of the offer, please clarify this with us beforehand.


The group in the house can be reached at 06241-413342. To save yourself a bit of running around, there is a telephone for the intercom system in the ladder's rooms and on each floor. Internet access via WIFI is possible.